I don’t know a single person that likes getting up on a Monday morning, I don’t even think such humans exist tbh… I thought I’d share with you some of the thoughts I have about these evil mornings. 

1. URGH, it can’t be time for my alarm to go off yet.

2. Oh f*ck it is… 5 more minutes? 

3. If I don’t do winged liner I could have 10 more minutes?? 

4. Sorry face, sleep is more important. 

5. Why did I stay up so late watching random videos of animals on YouTube?

6. Okay let’s go, let’s do this, it’s Monday – a new week, new opportunity etc. Let’s be positive. 

7. Nah I can’t be positive before coffee. 

8.  Ooo coffee. Time to brave life outside the duvet and make some. 

9. I don’t like it outside the duvet, life isn’t as good here. 

10. Okay, got coffee. Do I have time for breakfast? Nah, I’ve already cut out eyeliner. 

11. I wonder if I’ll win the lottery, then I won’t have to get up so early. 

12. Nah that won’t happen, I haven’t even bought a ticket. 

13. I want to go on  holiday again. 

14. Waking up would be fine if I was waking up to sunshine and white sandy beach (heart eyes). 

15. Maybe I’m sick? Then I don’t have to get up… Nah I’m fine fgs

16. Let’s get back on track brain, let’s put some make up on this face. 

17. *Applying foundation* did I put moisturiser on?! Who even knows at this point?

18. At least I look half human now, bring it Monday you b*tch.

19. I didn’t mean that, please be kind Monday. 

20.Time to leave for work… Please let today go quickly so I can come back home to my bed.

So there we have it, my standard Monday morning thoughts… Do you have similar thoughts on a Monday? If not, what thoughts do you have? 

Until next time, I’m back off down the rabbit hole.