I feel a very important part of getting to know me is becoming acquainted with the two most important boys in my life – my nephews. As I’m writing this my oldest nephew, Frederick, who is 17 months old is currently tucked up in bed next to me fast asleep. He looks quite literally like an angel.
Those eyes just melt me.

Next up is my gorgeous little Archibald, he’s a mere 5 months old. He’s just developing his own little character with his cheeky smiles and laughs. Making him smile is one of my favourite pass times. A little fun fact about Archie – I had the honour of choosing his name. Of course there were some boundaries, if I’d have said to my brother ‘hey, let’s name him Agamemnon’ he would have likely said no. No offence meant to all you lovely Agamemnons out there.

I’ll give you a moment to appreciate their beauty… Okay moment is up.
These little diamonds did live me from when Freddie was 4 months old up until a month ago so it’s safe to say we’re fairly close. I spent pretty much every day of their lives with them and feel as if I have a bond with them that can never be broken. They’re my surrogate babies until the time finally comes for me to embrace motherhood myself.
Do you have any family members you’re really close with? Who are they and why are you so close? I’d love to hear about your families down below.
Until next time I’m back off down the rabbit hole.

Yesterday had been a long time coming, for me anyway. For a lot of us yesterday was payday, my favourite day of the month by far. Due to this glorious occasion I decided to head into town and make my bank account ever so slightly lighter. Come and have a nose at what I purchased, there’s even a teeny tiny review on a couple of them.


Excuse the feature of underwear, but seeing as this is a haul and that is something I purchased I thought I may as well add it in there.

Pictured above:

Bra – Ann Summers
Until Monday there’s 20% off at Ann Summers meaning that this bra along with the matching bottoms cost me only £30. I personally love buying new underwear, in my opinion I always feel a little fiercer with a gorgeous pair of matching undies.

Experimenter Bath Bomb – Lush
Who doesn’t love a good Lush product? Perfect for pamper evenings. I haven’t tried this one yet but was enchanted by the wonderful colours and the smell is to die for – Lush website assures me the scents are vanilla and tonka bean. I’ll be sure to review it once I’ve used it.

Lasting Perfection Concealer – Collection
A cult favourite. My go to concealer to cover any blemish or imperfection. My make up bag is never without one.

Facestudio Blush – Maybeline
I personally love to add a bit of blush to my cheeks and have been stuck in a rut of Rimmel Lasting Finish blush so today when I ventured into Boots I was determined to try something new. I opted for the shade ’60 – Cosmopolitan’ which is a lovely bright pink shade. Perfect for the winter to brighten up my complexion.

Stay Matte Powder – Rimmel
Another item that I’m never without in my make up bag. For £3.99 I really can’t complain. I have oily skin so do have to reapply after a few hours but that doesn’t bother me.

False Lash Effect Mascara – Max Factor
I’ve been leaning towards this mascara for the past few months and now that my current one is as dry as the Sahara I figured it was time to get a new one.

I also picked up two clothing items, shown below. The jumper is from Select and the dress is from New Look.
























Did you pick up anything this payday? Let me know down below.

Until next time, I’m back off down the rabbit hole.





Hello everyone,

As you can tell this is my first post on this blog and I thought I’d kick start with the oh so typical ’25 facts about me’. Although unoriginal it is, in my opinion, a great way to start a blog as you get to know the person sat here typing this. So, without further ado…

  1. I am 20 years old, turning the big 21 this year.
  2. My family is very hectic. Sibling wise I have: 2 brothers, 1 half brother, 1 step brother, 1 half sister and 3 step sisters. Crazy right?
  3. I have two beautiful little nephews who are my world, no doubt they’ll feature on here sometime soon.
  4. I adore Grey’s Anatomy and Friends. If I was a fan girl over anything it would most definitely be those two.
  5. I am a very stubborn person.
  6. My mother dearest is my bestest friend in the whole universe.
  7. I have a weakness for crunchies.
  8. And lipstick.
  9. And eyeshadow pallettes.
  10. I work in motor insurance.
  11. Men’s fashion excites me far more than women’s. I think this comes from working on a menswear department for 3 years.
  12. I really like the Sims.
  13. I am a very ‘all or nothing’ type of person.
  14. I have 3 happy places: Cornwall, Brighton and my home. Cornwall definitely trumps it though.
  15. I suffer with anxiety.
  16. My life goal was to become a lawyer, until I let fact number 15 stand in my way.
  17. I have many vices, although alcohol isn’t one of them.
  18. I was bullied quite badly as a child and therefore take absolutely no crap.
  19. I am a very sarcastic person. (Fun fact: I was going to write ‘I’m probably the most sarcastic person you’ll meet’ but I’m relatively certain anyone who has ever claimed to be sarcastic has said that.)
  20. I do not yet drive.
  21. I am newly single. Why do something typical like dye your hair? Why not start a blog?
  22. I am tall for a girl – 5’9. This causes many an issue with men.
  23. I have quite a vulgar mouth and swear far too often. I’m sorry for this.
  24. My last meal would probably be 2 double cheeseburgers and some fries. Classy I know.
  25. I’m an all around weirdo and I absolutely love it. Join me on the adventure.

Until next time, I’m off back down the rabbit hole.