My World

I feel a very important part of getting to know me is becoming acquainted with the two most important boys in my life – my nephews. As I’m writing this my oldest nephew, Frederick, who is 17 months old is currently tucked up in bed next to me fast asleep. He looks quite literally like an angel.
Those eyes just melt me.

Next up is my gorgeous little Archibald, he’s a mere 5 months old. He’s just developing his own little character with his cheeky smiles and laughs. Making him smile is one of my favourite pass times. A little fun fact about Archie – I had the honour of choosing his name. Of course there were some boundaries, if I’d have said to my brother ‘hey, let’s name him Agamemnon’ he would have likely said no. No offence meant to all you lovely Agamemnons out there.

I’ll give you a moment to appreciate their beauty… Okay moment is up.
These little diamonds did live me from when Freddie was 4 months old up until a month ago so it’s safe to say we’re fairly close. I spent pretty much every day of their lives with them and feel as if I have a bond with them that can never be broken. They’re my surrogate babies until the time finally comes for me to embrace motherhood myself.
Do you have any family members you’re really close with? Who are they and why are you so close? I’d love to hear about your families down below.
Until next time I’m back off down the rabbit hole.

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