Hello my loves, today I thought I would share with you my latest beauty love! I’ve had this highlighting palette for about a month now and I reach for it every single day. I swear Makeup Revolution are just slaying the game lately.

When I saw this beauty in my local Superdrug I literally couldn’t just leave it there, it needed to come home with me and take pride of place on my dressing table! For £10 I absolutely could not resist. In my opinion, £10 is a pretty incredible price considering you’re getting 8 different highlighters that are of amazing quality, tbh. With the price in mind the packaging itself is obviously not too glam, it’s Makeup Rev’s standard black plastic packaging with a transparent lid which is perfectly acceptable to me.

As you can probably tell from the photos there are a few shades I use more than others and a couple I haven’t touched at all.The only reason I haven’t touched them is because I am a literal ghost and would look absolutely ridiculous if I tried to highlight with them but it just adds more versatility for people with a darker skin tone than myself which is pretty much everybody… The shades I use (and love) the most are the light pink shade (second left on the top row) and the lightest gold/champage shade (third left on the bottom row). These shades are both absolute knockouts IMO, they can be worn subtly if you’re going for a more natural look or you can go all out and be blinding people with your sharply highlighted cheek bones. The latter tends to be my preferred look…

                                 (top row L-R) 

                            (bottom row L-R) 

If you are a fellow pale person like myself then you could still make use of the darker shades by using them as an eyeshadow which I have since tried since taking the photos for this post and it does work like a dream and have used the deep pink shade very lightly over my blush to add a little extra glow and I’m really happy with the results of this too.

All of the shades are super pigmented and feel like you’re running your hand through a tub of butter, in a good way – might I add, and have absolutely no grainy feel to them whatsoever. This quality is exactly what I would expect of a Makeup Revolution highlighter, especially after trying their ‘Vivid Baked’ range which are pretty damn good too.

I definitely could not recommend this palette enough! 

Have you tried this palette? What’s your favourite highlighter? 

Until next time I’m back off down the rabbit hole. 

I don’t know a single person that likes getting up on a Monday morning, I don’t even think such humans exist tbh… I thought I’d share with you some of the thoughts I have about these evil mornings. 

1. URGH, it can’t be time for my alarm to go off yet.

2. Oh f*ck it is… 5 more minutes? 

3. If I don’t do winged liner I could have 10 more minutes?? 

4. Sorry face, sleep is more important. 

5. Why did I stay up so late watching random videos of animals on YouTube?

6. Okay let’s go, let’s do this, it’s Monday – a new week, new opportunity etc. Let’s be positive. 

7. Nah I can’t be positive before coffee. 

8.  Ooo coffee. Time to brave life outside the duvet and make some. 

9. I don’t like it outside the duvet, life isn’t as good here. 

10. Okay, got coffee. Do I have time for breakfast? Nah, I’ve already cut out eyeliner. 

11. I wonder if I’ll win the lottery, then I won’t have to get up so early. 

12. Nah that won’t happen, I haven’t even bought a ticket. 

13. I want to go on  holiday again. 

14. Waking up would be fine if I was waking up to sunshine and white sandy beach (heart eyes). 

15. Maybe I’m sick? Then I don’t have to get up… Nah I’m fine fgs

16. Let’s get back on track brain, let’s put some make up on this face. 

17. *Applying foundation* did I put moisturiser on?! Who even knows at this point?

18. At least I look half human now, bring it Monday you b*tch.

19. I didn’t mean that, please be kind Monday. 

20.Time to leave for work… Please let today go quickly so I can come back home to my bed.

So there we have it, my standard Monday morning thoughts… Do you have similar thoughts on a Monday? If not, what thoughts do you have? 

Until next time, I’m back off down the rabbit hole.

Hello my loves, I thought I’d share with you all some of my favourite pictures of the hundreds I took whilst in Barcelona. I was going to do a post focusing more on each day but figured with all of the pictures and writing it would just be ridiculously long so prepare for a very photo heavy post!


(I couldn’t not take the standard ‘wing and clouds’ picture)


(looking like actual Caspar outside our hotel)


(when the bathroom is blogger goals stocked with L’Occitane products and decked in marble)


(fancy a swim in the middle of Feb? We got you covered)


(being all posey with the Arc De Triomf! Side note: Spanish roads are terrifying)


(breakfast Espanol style)


(a gorgeous Parliament building)


(the most beautiful concert theatre I’ve ever seen)


(being a basic bitch posing with my Starbucks outside a beautiful cathedral)


(some rich bitch’s boat down at the port)


(grateful for some sit down time after walking the whole of the city in heeled boots)


(being soppy twats down by the sea)


(the most amazing ice cream I’ve ever had – Oreo and Chocolate for those who care)


(the square in the Gothic Quarter ft a very leany me)


(exploring the streets of the Gothic Quarter and never wanting to leave, EVER.)


(Mercat de la Boqueria aka the most amazing food market I’ve ever seen)


(La Monumental, an old bull fighting ring and all around beautiful building)


(Hospital de Sant Pau – the fanciest looking hospital I’ve ever seen)


(lunch in the sun at TapaTapa, for more delicious food in Barca click here)


(a grainy picture of a pretty pink fountain in Las Ramblas just because)


(Sagrada Familia Cathedral – the most awe inspiring building I’ve ever seen)


(stained glass windows in the Sagrada Familia)


(the most amazing ceiling you’ll ever see – we’re still in Sagrada Familia btw)


(a quick bite before we head home)

So there we have it, a few of my favourite photos from our trip to Barcelona! It was so hard to pick which photos to put in as we took a ridiculous amount of so many beautiful places but if I’d put them all in we would have been here forever.

I had the most wonderful time exploring Barcelona and would honestly recommend it to anyone. Also, big shout out to Zach for being a pro map reader and organising me so that we actually got to see all the places we wanted to!

Have you ever been to Barcelona? If so, did you see any of the places I did? Feel free to leave inspo for places to go for my next trip to!

Until next time, I’m back off down the rabbit hole.



Today’s post is going to be all about a lovely little restaurant in Barcelona city centre called Vigo, which was listed as having one of the best paellas in Barcelona which is a pretty bold claim but me and Zach were definitely not disappointed.


On our second night in Barca we were determined to find an excellent restaurant to eat at as the previous night we had wandered around somewhat aimlessly trying to find an authentic Spanish we were both happy with and ended up eating somewhere that was nice but not amazing like we were hoping for. We took to the ever-trusty Google to find the perfect place to eat and discovered Vigo, which was luckily only a 15 minute walk from our hotel.

The only thing Vigo didn’t have that was on our criteria was the rustic Spanish décor but everything else was a winner, it had a paella that wasn’t seafood (I hate seafood), a wide tapas variety, and a menu translated into English so that we actually knew what the hell we were ordering (I swear we looked like idiots practically everywhere we went).


As soon as we arrived they offered us bread and put olives on our table, Zach was extremely happy about this because he loves a good olive but I didn’t touch them cause ew. They were very quick to the mark getting our drinks order, I had a margarita which was delicious and Zach had a glass of red wine, I didn’t dare try it because I am not a fan of red wine at all but he assures me that it was an excellent wine.


To start we had two dishes of tapas, we opted for the failsafe patatas bravas and grilled Galician sausage because I am obsessed with Spanish sausage, especially chorizo but that wasn’t on the menu. Both dishes tasted incredible and the sauce provided with the potatoes was much nicer than the one we’d had the previous night which basically tasted like burger sauce that you get from a kebab shop.


We then moved onto our paella, which was chicken and mixed vegetables, they warn that this will take at least 30 minutes because it’s all cooked fresh but since we had the tapas to eat whilst we waited it really wasn’t a problem. Both of us were very excited about trying a proper Spanish paella and this did not disappoint. I’m no paella connoisseur but I can’t see how it could’ve got any better than this one, the chicken and vegetables were all cooked to perfection and the flavours were like little fireworks in your mouth. At this point we were pretty much in love with Vigo and wanted to go back the next day for lunch but sadly it didn’t open until 3 and we had to leave for the airport at 4 :(.


This night we were really willing to splurge as we had spent well under what we had budgeted and decided to be really greedy and have dessert as well. I opted for an ice cream and sorbet mix, with raspberry ice cream and passion fruit sorbet and it was simple but delicious. Zach had a crème brûlée which was really their only downfall, the bottom part of it was gorgeous but they held the torch on the top too long and it was slightly burnt and tasted like gas which was a shame but we decided not to say anything as the rest of the meal had been so lovely.

The only criticisms I can possibly think of for this restaurant is their burnt crème brûlée topping and non insta worthy decor, just look at those dark tables…

If ever you’re in Barcelona, I urge you to go to Vigo because the food was incredible as was the atmosphere in the restaurant and the staff were so friendly and helpful which made us feel really welcome.


My anxiety is the bane of my life, there is no two ways about it. It affects every part of my life but I have come to the conclusion that it affects me mostly in relationships. When I say this I don’t mean the person I’m with causes the anxiety but the relationship itself and everything that comes with it does.

I am aware that anxiety can cause many an argument between me and my boyfriend and sometimes it can be over the simplest of things because my mind does not see it as simple. My SO, thankfully, does not suffer with anxiety and therefore does not understand how it feels to be trapped within your own mind and see things the way your mental illness distorts them to be. He does not understand when I panic because he hasn’t replied to my message, doesn’t laugh at the thing I say which I think is funny, acts even the tiniest bit suspicious with his phone, likes another girls picture which to me means he fancies her more than me or has a perfectly legitimate reason not to see me that day. To him, I am ‘crazy’ but to me this is normality. When I insist that something is wrong because that’s what I can feel within me he doesn’t understand that it’s not me, it’s my anxiety. That it’s not him I don’t trust, it’s just that my anxious mind does not trust the world.

When the above things happen, I am annoying myself and finding myself tedious and difficult to deal with so I can’t imagine how hard it must be when you have no knowledge or understanding of anxiety. It frustrates me so much to think that I am inflicting my illness on someone else, that I am unable to trust or love fully because of something that is out of my control.

I understand that it makes me difficult to love because I am challenging, need constant reassurance that I am loved, often jump to conclusions and assume the worst and sometimes seem untrusting or just ‘crazy’ as he would put it. I am aware of how difficult it is to love a person like that because I struggle to love me as well.

I can try and try to control the anxiety within me and some days I just can’t and those days are hell. But the next day is a whole new day and that one, maybe, I will win.